Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions

“Any behavior, feeling, or mindset you have learned can be unlearned.  You can control your powerful mind to make positive change.”

Professional Goals

Conquer Stress, Performance Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Lack of Confidence, Fears and Phobias and Limited Creativity. 



Past Life Regression (PLR), Pain Management, Relationship Strategies, 

Smoking Cessation, Sports Hypnosis, 

Weight Control 

Professional Goals


Stress is a serious bad guy. Two-thirds of all Americans feel stressed and the top causes of death in the US are all stress related. Stress produces chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction. Traditional methods of treatment have not been effective and there is overwhelming research that most chronic stress arises from our subconscious mind. It is here that our past trauma’s, our behaviors and patterns involving fear, anger, worry, regret, guilt, and the need to control arise. As the dominant language of the subconscious imagery creates new emotions and neural pathways to reprogram stress responses. Neuroscience shows that imagery causes the brain to secrete serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin which block cortisol, reducing anxiety and stress. Using the secret weapon of imagery we can decrease your stress levels and create new patterns of peace and acceptance.

Enhancing Confidence and Happiness

Your subconscious contains your life script. If at some point in your life you took in messages that told you that we weren’t good enough, or you weren’t worthy of love, or that you’ll never be as good as “you name it”… these messages are running undercover in your subconscious. Through hypnosis we can rewrite these messages so that your life script and inner dialog can match your conscious choice to be more confident and happy. Increasing your confidence can help you in many different arenas. Some of the most popular include public speaking, interpersonal communication, dating, and job interviews. By getting 100% of your mind to agree and support you and your ability to be your best self, you’ll begin to feel the changes your desire.

Fears, Phobias, and Anxieties

Every person has experienced some form of fear or anxiety in their life. While these emotions are necessary for our survival and do serve to protect us, they can become distorted and toxic to our wellbeing and ability to achieve our goals. Fear is the most powerful emotion on the planet and it is a basic instinct that we are born with. Fear responses come directly from the subconscious, whose primary responsibility is to protect you and keep you alive. They span every area of our life and they stem from a sense of danger to our wellbeing. Some examples include a fear of driving, spiders, needles, public speaking, flying on an airplane, leaving the lights off, being alone, health issues, interpersonal challenges etc. In hypnosis we have the ability to address the subconscious and its natural reactions enabling you to change your way of thinking with an alternative response. Anxiety is deeply and intimately related to fear. In order to get to the core of anxiety we must start with evaluating fear. Hypnosis can help to rein in this emotion and help use it in a positive way to drive you toward what you want and get it working for you rather than against you.

Increasing Creativity

Our subconscious mind is what we can refer to as the “creative mind”. Hypnosis and Imagery are powerful tools to help you explore new ideas to expand your creative thoughts for new projects. Be it a book, musical piece, movie, show, painting, sales campaign, party planning, or DIY project, hypnosis creates a new mental pathway that allows you to unlock new ideas and visions that help accomplish your goals. Imagery is the star of the show and there are multiple avenues that we can use to break into your creative mind.


Personal Goals

Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past Life Regression is based on the Reincarnation Theory in which the soul survives death and returns to be born again into a new physical body with a new opportunity to progress and grow in knowledge and wisdom. The theory supports the belief that we experience life from the different perspectives of gender, race, religion, wealth, etc. and that our body is the one vehicle we are provided on Earth to fulfill our missions and learn our lessons. Through hypnosis we can experience our past lives and have a better understanding of our life purpose. PLR can be applied to help heal physiological or psychological discomforts, understand destructive patters in your current life, and better understand the lessons you are to focus on mastering. Other benefits include increased creativity, focus on our goals, decision making, improved mental and physical health, and enhanced positive belief in our strengths.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is a problem for millions of people in our country and many live in discomfort every single day. While medication is a powerful tool on a short term basis, long term it can become more debilitating than the pain itself. Opioid addiction is at an all-time high and has caused an epidemic in our culture. Deaths from an overdose of prescription pain medication now outnumber overdoses from alcohol, cocaine, and heroin combined. With the referral of your doctor, hypnosis is a natural and organic solution to pain management. Studies have proven how hypnosis can help alleviate and even eliminate your discomfort. Researcher from the University of Washington determined that “hypnosis is an undeveloped but highly promising intervention” that can help address the pain management problem.

Relationship Strategies

Your relationships can affect how you feel about yourself and the overall quality of your daily life. Whether you are looking for a potential partner, trying to reignite the spark, or evaluating the terms of your relationship, the ability to better understand your own behaviors and the behaviors of those you attract is key. The Theory of E&P created by the founder of HMI, John Kappas, offers a way to understand your own behaviors in a relationship, as well as, your partner or potential partner. By helping you understand the theory and “The Eight Successful Secrets of Relationships”, we can help make the E&P Theory work for you. Whatever state you are in; dating, engaged, married (even for over 20 years), the understanding of the theory can help get a relationship on track to having more fun together than ever before. For those who are wondering if they should stay in a relationship or grieving from one that has ended, we can help you in the process of growing and healing. When ready we can help you to strategize and prepare for the best relationship for you.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to quit smoking. It can help the habitual and emotional smoker say goodbye for good. The research in this area points to hypnosis as the most effective form of smoking cessation. Laur can attest as a former smoker that hypnosis was the key that helped her to overcome this powerful habit and she tried it all; patches, gum, and even Chantix to no avail. Today, many smokers are addicted to the behavior, not the nicotine. Hypnosis goes beyond the drug to the root emotional and physical memories in the body that created the behavior. If you are truly ready to quit and leave cigarettes behind than hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you reach your goal.

Sports Hypnosis

For the most part, athletes are physically trained the same way but the key differentiator, in their performance, is their mind. Hypnosis is all about working the mental game. In our sessions we can focus on your motivation, drive, and energy to reach your goal. Hypnosis sessions can help you overcome any obstacles that are hindering your performance enhancement. The key for success is understanding your unique process, the optimal intended outcome, and how you experience your hands and body placement. Many professional athletes use hypnosis and visualization to improve their games without tiring out their bodies as they prepare for their big events. Tiger Woods says hypnosis is 'inherent in what I do now.'

Weight Control

You may wonder why this isn’t titled weight loss. Our subconscious is very powerful and it wants to help you. If you “lose” your weight there is a good chance that at some point in the future it will help you find it. Instead let’s control your weight by changing your lifestyle. Going deeper than just the calories you are eating, burning, and tracking, weight control focuses on your day to day routine and how we can start to make changes that will lead to a long term healthy lifestyle. The tools we will use can help you stay motivated to stick to your program and help you overcome any mental blockages that are holding you back. According to a study conducted by Cochrane et al, hypnosis is more than 30x more effective for weight control.

Before and After Surgery

Hypnosis and imagery can be very powerful tools to aid in preparing for and recovering from surgery. Hypnosis helps give back clients a feeling of control as they are able to prepare with positive suggestions that will exist in their subconscious mind. Alleviating worry, concern, and/or anxiety about the procedures and outcomes. Hypnosis helps clients to see surgery as an opportunity and can help clients to prepare for surgery by helping them quit smoking, promote healthy eating, reduce mind altering substances, exercise as indicated, and sleep. Hypnosis helps to change any negative associations a client may have with hospitals, surgery, anesthesia, etc. to a positive association known in the subconscious, for a more comfortable experience of the process.